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    7 Tips for Eco Friendly Gardening

    For the longest time, a lot of people have believed that any garden is eco-friendly. After all, it’s a known fact that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in return. However, many different things happen in and outside a garden that isn’t eco-friendly. The whole world is facing very serious environmental problems that need to be addressed now. The good news is that every gardener can help by making their precious spaces more ‘green’ and sustainable. In this guide, you’ll learn about tips and gardening practices that you can and should adopt to help save the environment. #7 Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips Gardens aren’t always green! Try these 7 eco-friendly…

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    Your Quick and Easy Gardening Cheat Sheet

    Deciding to grow a garden is an excellent way to beautify your home. Your functional backyard garden will help in providing you with a consistent source of organically grown fruits, herbs and vegetables. When you take care of your garden your garden takes care of you. Growing a diverse number of crops in your garden will allow you to prepare salads and cook recipes with fresher ingredients. Having a steady stream of crops available to you will also allow you to save money on your grocery bill. The only question is, are you up to the task of maintaining your own food garden? It is a big responsibility and you…